Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Big Shoot 2-12-12

We spent this afternoon shooting photos for our new chapbook out this Spring. This is a fund-raiser effort for our Bay Area trip. The plan: If we put silly photos with our poems, more people will buy the book. We had a whale of a time and our photographer, Marie, was incredible.

So this is what happens when 9 poets and 1 photographer get together: We meet up for lunch, eat some yoghurt, fruit, soup, egg and fries (not in that order). We drink a little tea and water. And then the magic starts to happen...

That Beth, so graceful and supple.

And Christy's got it going on, too.

And this gorgeous purple-haired creature turned up. She must be famous.

Joan and Maggie between takes, hanging out with the cookies.

Anyone know this guy?

Molly was very patient with us and kept Melissa out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Sandra K. wisely sat under her umbrella and stayed cool.

Watch this space for news and pics from the next shoot!