Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After Nordhoff...

We've had two great shows so far -- the AUG and Nordhoff High School. And both couldn't have been more different! We also conducted a workshop at the TO Library: also an amazing experience.

So, the AUG couldn't have been a more enthusiastic audience. But we found that we were so buzzed that we fell apart at the end when we should have been the most cohesive. By contrast, the Nordhoff HS gig was more low-key. We ran a workshop first and then did the show. Seems like we've found what works!

It was so cool to work with the kids on poems, have the poems read aloud to wild applause and see the looks on their faces.

Going from that into the show was a smooth transition. While we all agreed that we needed to "bring" more to our individual performances, we liked how we felt connected to the audience.

We also had a good rehearsal with lots of strong, supportive feedback. Now to hike up our big-girl performance pants (you, too, Albert) and head to the Simi Valley Brighton's on Saturday night, followed by a performance workshop on Sunday at the AUG.

Pics to follow!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The first show

I don't know exactly what happened last night -- and I was there. The Babes, every single one of them, brought truth, laughter, memory, a love of words and a love of the audience and combined all of those into an exciting and beautiful evening.

It wasn't only performance, it was the most stunning display of selflessness. Each Babe insured that the others might shine.

I feel so grateful to be part of this. And now? We begin!