Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Bay Area and Beyond

Our audiences for our Bay Area mini-tour were absolutely amazing. Standing ovation at UC Santa Cruz -- thanks to Crystal!

Now, back to reality as we prepare new material for upcoming shows in the Fall. This is the time I love: we all get together and rock language back and forth until something happens.

The clouds lose all that ponderous sense of decorum at night
they reveal their adolescent selves
and fling the basketball moon
and it falls and falls
while the clouds play catch and release

they fly low
they interfere with drivers
they wisp past
muscle off the freeway
cutting off everyone
trying to read fogged signs

they lie laughing
in the fields in Calabasas
they create orange halos
mocking the lights around Gelson's

they swift to the traffic lights
turn their backs on Woodland Hills
head over the hills into Topanga
where friends are waiting
to drift down the canyon
pushing each other into the ravine
changing the shape of the road
breathing out onto Highway 1
to hang at the beach
and sleep in all morning